Kill the fluff!

Everyone gets something different out of gaming. I talked with a new friend yesterday about how he was in the #1 raiding guild in the U.S.!!! I was amazed until he then let me know, to be #1 they had to raid and/or practice raiding up to 55 hours a week!!! FIVETY FIVE hours a WEEK!!! That’s some serious time learning how to raid. Seriously! And although I wouldn’t enjoy that so much it did get me wondering if people really do enjoy that still. Obviously the answer is yes. Raiding for some IS the fluff. The hours spent working towards the raid are nothing when you get that high from downing a raid boss for the first time. I’m not sure if the rush is quite the same on the 100th but who knows. I’ve never been that hardcore.

So, my question for today is simple. What is your fluff? What kills your fluff? That much raiding would definitely kill it for me!

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