Will support for groups!

I’m a cleric on Rift. I love it. I enjoy healing but I really enjoy supporting. I’m using the Duracell spec, Inquisitar, Justicar, Shaman. It’s intriguing, loads of fun plus I can heal while I dps!! In Wow I was a shadow priest, not great dps but the abilities were really neat and kept me wanting to play. This spec is very similar but melee! I’ve never played melee so there’s a lot to learn but it is keeping the fun in the game. Actually, it’s more keeping the laughter in my guild as I die over and over, but I’m still learning! My death rate is dramatically decreasing as I get used to melee which means heals are increasing! YAY

But the main reason for this post is because I overheard my husband talking on mumble as he was telling a guildie that he uses and enjoys using fluff abilities. Fortunately our guild wants everyone to enjoy their play, which includes not only your class but also your specs! If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing then why would you play a game!? And that includes adding in those fluff abilities that some think aren’t needed. For instance how many people use stuff to cc mobs? Using sap in say Iron Tombs can make things much, much faster, especially if you’re working towards the 40 min achievement. For myself the entire spec is fluff but it’s fun for me which is the #1 reason we play games!

More fluff abilites could be battle res, charge, that neat return to spot that rogues get! What do you guys think of these sometimes unneeded abilities? Are they worth speccing into? Do you think that specs like bard are fluff, even though they are full support? There are also great specs like archon that buff and debuff as well. What do you guys think of these specs and what they do for your group/raid?

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