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I’m currently watching Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring, and I’m still astounded by the chills this movie gives me. It’s an amazing, epic tale of strength, courage, valor and love, so it should come as no surprise that the game holds such epic quest lines that really fill you with the same wonder that the books and movies have for many years.

I haven’t played LoTRo in quite some time but after watching this I’m thinking I miss this story line.  My favorite part in the movies is where Aragorn tells Frodo to run and as he turns he brings his sword up and the look on his face is so fantastic. Yes girls, I know that Viggo Mortenson is handsome but that look says it all! He would literally lay down his life for his friends. As he faces hundreds upon hundreds of orcs instead of shying away he bravely faces them head on, fearing nothing.

The fluff that I look for in gaming adds to this unique and quite amazing feeling that I’ve gotten while playing some games. When LoTRo first came out I asked myself how could you play knowing the outcome but you play to be that person who stands, not idly by but the person who steps up in the fight, encouraging your friends to fight by your side for what you stand for. Yeah, I still have chills. Think I’ll redownload this tonight. While listening & watching a LoTR marathon!

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