Any insane gamers out there?

After writing the How Insane are you post, I started thinking. How insane are we gamers, really? We all have our reasons for jumping through hoops to get something accomplished but the question is why? I continue to add to my list of achievements but not quite as quickly as my list to DO achievements grows. And the funny thing about some of the achievements I plan to do is, I literally have to jump through thousands of hoops to get them done. But even still, something encourages me, or rather yet drags me kicking and screaming to get yet another “to do” crossed off of my list. And as that list is longer than ever now that I’m playing multiple games, how do we even begin to categorize these? And just when do we, as gamers, say enough is enough and decide to stop making lists upon lists of achievements that earn us neat titles and even better still, cute pets!!!?

Sadly, or rather not so sadly since I’m thoroughly enjoying myself, my list of “I still need to get done” achievements is rapidly growing, but the more it grows the more content I feel with a game.

So, back to my original question. I wasn’t quite insane enough to get the Insane in the Membrane title in World of Warcraft, something that still grates on my nerves by the way, but I am insane enough to continue enjoying achievements that take some time and effort to get. Soon I’ll post my Rift achievements to do list but for now I’m curious, what are the achievements that are making you insane? Or what have you accomplished that makes that insane feeling totally worth all the work?


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