How Insane are you?

While playing World of Warcraft I spent months on one title, The Insane. This title was one of the hardest to achieve back in the day, due to the many factions that you had to raise, many of them opposite factions from your normal daily quests or factions that you would never run across, much less try to become exalted with them. But that’s what also made it the most fascinating!

After thinking about this achievement, which I never did get by the way, I started wondering if this should be filed under Fluff & Stuff or Agonizing Fun for your Sadistic Side. Good luck to those with that sadistic side!

After a while of working on this title however, you literally start to feel insane, and here’s why…
You need to raise your reputation for:
Bloodsail Buccaneer: Honored; Booty Bay: Exalted; Everlook: Exalted; Gadgetzan: Exalted; Ratchet: Exalted; Darkmoon Faire: Exalted;  Ravenholdt: Exalted
For those that still want to work this faction… here’s some information for you.
***A bit of a spoiler here***
Bloodsail rep is super easy to get. Just kill your way through Booty Bay a bit, the bruisers are the best to farm. You’ll want to do this prior to working on your Goblin rep. While working on Goblin rep you’ll want to pay very close attention to your Bloodsail rep. Do not do anything that will hurt your hard earned Honored with them. You can also kill the other pirates, my favorite were those that were near Ratchet. Spawn rate is fast! … **note: you don’t have to have honored as well as exalted with goblins at the same time, making this achievement easier now**
Ravenholdt wasn’t a bad rep to work, at first. Go around farming syndicate. A great place for this will be Durnhold in Hillsbrad. If you happen to be a rogue there are rogue only quests to help your faction with Ravenholdt however at Revered you will have to start turning in Heavy Junkboxes. To get these you will need to either have a rogue and pickpocket level 50 to 60 humanoids. If you do not have access to a rogue you may have to pay for these.
Darkmoon Faire rep is a bit harder to achieve. To get to friendly you will want to turn in repeatable quests, once to friendly you will have to start turning in decks. Scribes can make lower level decks which give 25 rep each turn in. If you go that route you will need 1460 decks to get to exalted. That is the cheapest way to go. The 60+ level decks 350 rep each but can be costly to make.
Good news for those that started this a while ago, Shen’dralar will no longer be required for Insane in the Membrane. Good news is, if you’ve spent time in Dire Maul looking for the books to drop for the turn ins, hopefully you also spent time letting the little goblin out of his shackles with the Gordok Shackle Key. Meaning all your time spent in Dire Maul wasn’t wasted.

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