Something I always loved about Vanguard, Diplomacy. It was an added element that I hadn’t found in any other game and something that you could start at level one.

If you’ve never played before Diplomacy is a parley between you and a NPC (non player character) At the beginning of the parley you received a certain amount of cards, more could be obtained through quests and winning the parley, and had to converse with the NPC. If the npc was winning the dialogue wouldn’t move, however when you were winning you could extract information from him/her that you wouldn’t receive other than through diplomacy.

I was curious so I decided to look up diplomacy and was surprised to find that this was a game created by Allan B. Calhamer in 1954. He created it as a strategic boardgame but unlike most wargames of the time, this game doesn’t have dice. In the original version it’s set in Europe prior to WWI and is played with two to seven players. In the Vanguard version you play much like you’re questing, but it is between two people, you parley with the NPC, hopefully win the parley and receive the information you sought.

There’s a great write up about Vanguard’s Diplomacy over at Vanguardmmorpg.com. This is definitely something I hope will be picked up in future mmo’s. I ran around finding Diplomacy quests just for the new aspect that they brought to the game. I also did my husband’s Diplomacy quests. He wasn’t as into it as I am so I promise he didn’t mind!!!

So, if I had to add an aspect to the games I currently play, Diplomacy would be it. Is there something that you fell in love with but other games refuse to pick up?

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