Aion & their clothing…

I started Aion when it started up last year and I was amazed, at level two you looked good. No, seriously, GOOD! Even the cheap, you were born in this outfit, outfit was amazing. Although I tend to not dress like that in my daily life, can we say hello jeans and a t-shirt, it was very impressive! Wake up in the morning looking and probably smelling, like a super model. In a word — awesome! However, for me it wasn’t enough to keep me going in the game. I loved every single outfit that I got, whether made, quested or bought, however the game didn’t have the pull for me once the pvp kicked in.

Today that might change… I’m sorta being pulled back to wanting to try Aion again. Why you may ask… Again, the clothing! They have introduced a pack of clothes that is wedding wear. And they are adding a dye-able version come Aug! I can already see the weddings that will be had… Very reminiscent of my days in EQ! Good stuff!

For a full version, or to go buy the dang outfit (I know you’re going to do it!) check out here.


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