Yay for puppies!!!

One of the perks of having friends or family join you in Rift is Courage the Dog. Courage is a fluffy little cute guy with floppy ears and a waggly tail, he’s just happy! And you only need ONE, I say just ONE friend to join you. However finding that friend is what may cause frustrations for some while others are on the more advanced perks, like the fiery steed! For me, getting one friend was pretty tough LOL! Well, at least one gaming friend!

So, I finally talked my brother-in-law into buying Rift! I’m super excited. Don’t tell him but I’m even more excited about this.. My little guy Courage!!! I realize this isn’t the best pic so I will work to get a better one however sadly Rift is doing a patch for the Hammerknell update. Sad because I can’t get in to get more screenshots!!!



And here’s another of Courage peeing on Art. I really do love my hubby but this is just priceless to me. I’ve been trying to get more pics but Art has now figured this out and any time Courage is anywhere near him he runs away. I have no idea why!!  Now if I could get our actually puppies to do this when we get into arguments. That would totally rock!

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