Fluffy fluffiness

Welcome to Fluff Factor. This is going to be a blog that takes a different look at the gaming world. We all see the blogs about leveling, raiding and what not but this blog is going to be about the other fun in the games I play!!  We all know we love it but it’s like those songs that you never admit that you love to hear! There’s a lot more to gaming than just leveling to max level!!! I’m hoping to show you some of that world that I love.

Some of this feeling started in Everquest. When they introduced dyes! Yes, people showed up in a rainbow of colors but that was part of the fun, even though it did hurt the eyes a little! I remember changing dyes daily for a while. In World of Warcraft I was very impressed with the ability to get achievements and pushed to get titles that a lot of people didn’t get! I actually started trying The Insane and sadly quit WoW before I reached it, I’m still sad about that, but it gave me something completely different and unique to work for! Amazing!!

Now I’m playing Everquest 2 and Rifts and I throw in some real fluff games, like my current fav, Plants vs. Zombies! Love it!

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